The goal of BIZCHANGERS® is to help enterprises understand, introduce and improve risk management processes. A number of different media are used to support this goal; text books, e-tuition, specialist e-networks and, where required, facilitated risk workshops.

Chris Duggleby, founded BIZCHANGERS® out of a desire to help companies change the way they address business risk. He has over 30 year's experience of managing international chemicals businesses and developing, implementing and testing risk management systems. Good risk management is not expensive and to explain some of the basics this site includes free-of-charge access to Try it and if it is useful please recommend it to colleagues and friends. The basic tools explained in can be used to design your own risk management system. If you need more a detailed explanation an introductory text book has also been prepared. A link to this is given at the bottom of this page.

This website will evolve as the various modules of the BIZCHANGERS® risk and change management systems become available. Therefore if you do not find exactly what you are looking for today it may be worth a visiting the site again at a later date. Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact me to explain what additional support you require. It may be possible to adapt our work programme to address your requirements.